Properties of Leucogard®

Leucogard® is a combination of the main component -glucan and a certain amount of mannans, produced in an extremely gentle process after years of intensive research. This ensures best possible preservation of its properties. -glucans in Leucogard have the capacity, through their structure similar to the key/key hole principle to dock onto a specific receptor on the macrophages and other immune competent cells to put them into a higher reaction alert. They also have the heightened affinity to bind heavy metals and myko-toxins.

Mannans on the other hand are indigestible for the bodys own enzymes and thus continue into the large intestine. Here they provide a nutri-substrate for the positive favoured bacteria (bifido bacteria and lactobacilli), stabilising the intestinal pH value, reducing the ammonia content and thus pushing back unfavourable bacteria (prebiotic effect). Their ability to bind bacteria to them, also prevents colonisation of unfavourable bacteria on the intestinal wall.


Our product Leucogard® was especially developed for the application in animal nutrition.

Leucogard® is a component for animal nutrition, which strengthens the immune system. Extensive studies were successfully undertaken on different animal species.

On account of the significant strengthening of the immune system that has been proven by these tests, animals are more resistant to germs. The administration of antibiotics with all known risks, as for example resistance development, can be aband.

Leucogard® contains (13),(16)--D-glucans, the main structural components that come from the cell walls of pure yeast culture's strain Saccharomyces cerevisiae (baker's yeast).

Advantage Overview
  • Reduction of mortality rate
  • Improved growth
  • Improved immune defence in the milk
  • Reduction of vet/med costs
  • Increase in contribution
  • Optimised performance of laying hens
  • Increased weight increase and utilisation of weight
  • High binding affinity to heavy metal and myko-toxins
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Advantages of the use of Leucogard® on Swine

Improved Growth in piglets through Leucogard®

Sows fed with Leucogard® supplement during the lactation period, show higher litter weights after weaning i.e. 12.4% higher.

Leucogard®ensures more evenly balanced litters

The weights of weaned piglets of the control pigs cover a wide range and are unevenly distributed, while the weights of the weaned piglets of pigs fed with Leucogard, are grouped around a much smaller range.

Leucogard®increases immune defence of pig's milk
The milk in sows fed with Leucogard® during the lactation period contains higher gamma globulins.
Leucogard®reduces vetmed costs
Sows, fed with Leucogard® - and their piglets - required less vet/med expenditure (number of therapeutic interventions).
Improved feed conversion rate through Leucogard®
Leucogard® leads to an increase in contribution

Advantages of the use of Leucogard® on Poultry


Laying hens

Leucogard® optimises performance of laying hens
- increases daily laying volume per hen
daily laying volume per hen
Leucogard® reduces losses with laying hens
- -Losses in % of total in 60 days
Losses in % of total in 60 days
Leucogard® improves immune defence for laying hens
- recognisable in increased globulin and lymphocyte values
Leucogard® improves hatch rate of chicks
hatch rate
Leucogard® improves immune defence and the oxygen transport capacity of the broiler chicken
- Test execution in comparison with the Antibiotic Enrofloxacin (Baytril®)
Test execution in comparison with the Antibiotic Enrofloxacin


Leucogard® increases the number of utilized turkeys
number of utilized turkeys
Leucogard® increases the weight of turkeys
- weight per turkey when leaving the pen
Leucogard® significantly reduces the percentage of losses
- total losses (%)
total losses
losses details
Leucogard® Leucogard increases the utilization weight
utilization weight
Improved feed conversion rate through Leucogard®
feed conversion rate through Leucogard
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