Properties of Glucafood® and Glucasan®

Glucafood® and Glucasan® are a combination of the main component ▀-glucan and a certain amount of mannans, produced in an extremely gentle process developed through years of intensive research. This ensures best possible preservation of their properties. ▀-glucans in Glucafood® and Glucasan® have the capacity, through their structure - similar to the key/key hole principle - to dock onto a specific receptor on the macrophages and other immune competent cells to put them into a higher reaction alert. They also have the heightened affinity to bind heavy metals and mycotoxins.

Mannans on the other hand are indigestible for the body's own enzymes and thus continue into the large intestine. Here they provide a nutria-substrate for the positive favoured bacteria (bifido bacteria and lactobacilli), stabilising the intestinal pH value, reducing the ammonia content and thus pushing back unfavourable bacteria (prebiotic effect). Their ability to bind bacteria to them, also prevents colonisation of unfavourable bacteria on the intestinal wall.

Efficiency of feed supplemented with Glucafood® and Glucasan®

Efficiency of feed supplemented with Glucafood and Glucasan

Situations in which the intake of Glucafood® / Glucasan® can be used as a preventive measure:

Situations in which the intake of Glucafood or Glucasan can be used as a preventive measure

With the Use of Glucafood® and Glucasan® you┤ll feel fit and healthy.

Glucafood® / Glucasan®

  • Supports the natural defence mechanisms.
  • " Their main ingredient consists of (13),(16)-beta-D-Glucan. This is a natural product from the cell walls of yeast, pure baker's yeast cultures, Saccharomyces cerevisiae, produced through a especially gentle autolytic treatment.
  • In contrast to other immune stimulants, no side effects have been found, such as allergies or similar occurrences until today.
  • The acidity in the stomach has only a marginal influence on these substances, therefore it can be taken orally without loosing its efficiency.

Possibilities for the use of Glucasan®

Under the label Glucasan® we also offer the product Glucafood® , which is in agglomerated form. Based upon the needs of each customer, Glucafood® can be supplemented with different additives (vitamins, minerals, artificial flavourings), for use in the area of dietary supplement. Glucasan® can be produced in capsule form, as well as tablets.

Possibilities for the use of Glucasan

Possible Spheres of Application for Glucafood®:

  • Breakfast cereals
  • Fruit Juices
  • Milk and Yoghurt
  • Snacks
  • Sandwich Spreads
  • Confections
  • Soups

    Soups with Glucasan


Our Experience - Your Benefit

  • Years of research have lead to a mature producing process that ensures our product provides the capability to attach to the receptor on the macrophage
  • Controlled, accurately defined production process
  • Highest quality standard
  • No chemical additives, extraction via autolysis process
  • Scientific evidence of biological effectiveness via biochemical, haematological and immunological parameters
  • Side effects due to over dosage are not known
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