What are glucans?

What are glucans?
  • Glucans are macromolecules and made up of the carbohydrate glucose.
  • To the category of glucans belong numerous substitutes, which may be obtained from micro-organisms, in some cases even from more highly developed plants.
  • Such glucans differ from one another not only on account of their chemical structure but also as regards their correlations involving structure, properties and effect.
Are all -glucans effective?
  • No, even among (13),(16)--D-glucans exist substantial divergences directly related to the number and length of their branches, which enable the physiological activation of the immune system.
What are the effects of (13),(16)--D-glucans?
  • According to the latest experimental scientific findings, (13),(16)--D-glucans used in our products and obtained through a patented process are one of the most efficient biotic activators.
  • Through the activation of a specific type of white blood cells, the macrophage, (13),(16)--D-glucan bolsters the immune system of both humans and animals.
Attention must be paid to what?
  • In glucans made up of glucose molecules in so-called 14 linkages, no effects were detected to have been exerted on the immune system.
Any side effects or allergies?
  • As natural food ingredients, yeast-derived (13),(16)--D-glucans, that are used in our products, do not have any side effects nor are they known to cause allergic reactions.
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