Our basic products Leucogard®, Glucafood® and Glucasan®

Electron-microscopical photo from one of our basic products:
The collapsed yeast cells that are emptied inside (yeast is no longer alive!) can be clearly distinguished. Only the (13),(16)--D-glucan containing cell walls, the so-called "cell ghost", remain.
Our basic products - an enriched fraction of the cell wall's pure yeast culture derived from the strain saccharomyces cerevisiae, which stands out on account of its highly-molecular carbohydrate content (polysaccharides), which are in particular the (13),(16)--D-glucans.

We set high quality standards/expectations and offer excellent quality

The advantage of our products is based on the careful manufacturing process, matured over many years of research. No aggressive or toxic solutions/solvents or chemicals are used. Rolling mill operation was also dispensed with, as this significantly reduced the effectiveness of the product. We put a very high value on the highest quality standard and guaranteed track ability. Each batch is analysed and certificated. The manufacturing process takes place and adheres to DIN EN ISO 9001-2000 and HACCP. The production site is QS certified. Leucogard®, Glucafood® and Glucasan® are high molecular natural substances; their basic building block is glucose. These basic building blocks are linked in a specific way and are termed (13),(16)-beta-D-glucan.

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